Swimming pool, splash park and snack bar, located inside Neshaminy State Park.

Now Hiring Lifeguards, Aspiring Lifeguards and Snack Stand Help.
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Starting Memorial Day Weekend 2024
Weekends Only, 12pm – 6pm
Starting June 10th
7 Days a Week, 12pm – 6pm
Please note we clear the pool 15 minutes before closing time.
We stop admitting new visitors one hour before closing time.
Refunds will not be given due to inclement weather.


Admission Fee*
Adults $14

Any child who is of walking age
Infants Free
Season Pass $175 Per Person


There are no ATMs available inside the park, so please plan accordingly.
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. They will not be permitted to enter or re-enter the pool grounds without an ADULT guardian.
*Please note that this is an admission fee, not a swimming fee, as we are unable to monitor who is or is not swimming.
Everyone who enters the pool grounds will be charged this admission fee. We appreciate your understanding!

Snack Bar

Bottled Water $3.00
Soda $3.00
Chips $3.00
Packaged Ice Cream $4.00
Hot Dog $4.00
Chicken Nuggets $6.00
Uncrustables $3.00
French Fries $5.00
Our Snack Bar is open 12-5 on weekends, 12-4 during the week.
Please remember that outside food is not permitted inside the pool gates.


Water Blasters $5.00
Arm Swimmies $5.00
Child’s Ring Float $6.00
Goggles $6.00
Beach Ball $5.00
Water Balls $4.00
Sunscreen $6.00
Life vests are available for rent. The rental fee is $5 and we hold a driver’s license as a deposit. Life vests for newborns and small infants are
not available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the pool ever close because it has reached capacity?

If the pool reaches the maximum number of patrons, we are required to close.

I’m not swimming, do I need to pay the admission fee?

As we do not keep track of who swims, the admission fee applies to anyone who enters the pool grounds.

What is the admission fee for children?

$14, the same rate as adults. Our pool is very child-friendly with a large splash park and shallow end.

What if there is inclement weather?

We make every effort to stay open, however state regulations require us to clear the pool for 30 minutes in the event of thunder or lightning. This time is restarted after each instance of thunder or lightning. We will always do our best to reopen the pool as quickly as possible! Please note that no refunds will be given in the event of inclement weather. Visitors are asked to assess the weather before entering.

How deep is the pool?

4 and a half feet at its deepest point.

Do you have lockers?

We do not.

Do you have changing rooms? Showers?

We have large bathroom facilities with showers and changing areas.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash only. There are no ATMs available inside the park, so please plan accordingly.

Is diving allowed at the pool?

Our pool is not deep enough for diving, so diving is strictly prohibited.

Are dogs allowed in your facility?

Service dogs only, and dogs will not be permitted in the pool itself.

Can my children swim alone?

Children under 13 must have an adult guardian with them at all times. We strictly enforce this rule for the
safety of our visitors, and perform safety checks periodically, matching children with their adults.
Parents/adult guardians must be within arm’s reach of their children while children are in the pool.

Can my child come with a teenage babysitter or sibling?

Children under 13 must have an adult guardian with them at all times. A teenage babysitter, relative or friend
will not suffice. Please plan accordingly as we do enforce this rule upon entry and throughout the day. We appreciate
your understanding as safety is our number one priority!

Is alcohol allowed at the pool?

Alcohol is not permitted in state parks and will not be permitted in our facility. We reserve the right to refuse service to or eject visibly intoxicated patrons.

Can we come and go as we please after paying the admission fee?

Of course! Your hand will be stamped as you exit. Please remember that children under 13 will not be permitted to come and go
without their adult guardian.

Can we bring a picnic?

Picnics are welcome in the park, however we do not allow outside food into our facility. This is done to prevent ants and bees from making the pool grounds unpleasant to visit! Drinks are welcome as long as they are not in glass containers. You may come and go as you please from the pool grounds and enjoy your picnics outside in the park. We ask that you leave any food in your vehicle or park picnic area; we do inspect coolers and bags upon entry to our pool grounds. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our pool grounds clean and safe!

Is there anything available for purchase?

Please see Merchandise and Snack Bar for information on items available for purchase.

Can we bring water toys or floats?

Large floats or rafts are not permitted. Water guns, noodles, baby floats, child size ring floats, are all permitted. Please see Merchandise for information regarding items available at the ticket booth.

Are there lifeguards at your pool?

Yes! We have certified lifeguards on staff at all times, however they are not a substitute for parental supervision;
please assess your child’s swimming skills before entering the pool. Parents/adult guardians must be within arm’s reach of their children while children are in the pool.

Is a swim test required to use the slides?

There is a height requirement of 48 inches to use the slide; please assess your child’s swimming skills before allowing them to use the slide or enter the deeper end of the pool.

Park Info

We are located in Neshaminy State Park.

More information on the park can be found on the
Neshaminy State Park website.